Wrap-Strap Meh Dai

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  • From loom to sewing machine, the Catbird Baby wrap-strap meh dai is lovingly made in the United States. Our own patterns, woven in North Carolina, and our own unique carrier design sewn by our long-time Chicago sewing house.
  • 100% cotton yarn woven fabric. 
  • Wide, wrap-style, single-layer shoulder straps, 87-8" long.
  • Five carrying positions: froggy legs (legs-in), facing inward, facing outward, hip, or back.
  • Hood lays flat or cinches on sides.
  • Wrap-like feel without the wrapping
  • Tall carrier body panel (approximately 20.5") means your carrier grows as your baby grows! For infants or smaller babies, simply fold the waist to shorten body.
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  • Inspired by traditional Chinese baby carriers used on the back, pronounced Meh¹ Dai² in Cantonese (superscript numbers represent tones); bēidài in Mandarin. Mei tai is from an older Cantonese-English Romanization system. All transliterations are meant to communicate the same word, but use different romanizations to spell Chinese words in English, and of course many different Chinese dialects exist as well.
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  • Body panel 15.5" wide by 20.5" tall
  • Shoulder straps 87-8" long 
  • Waist straps plus carrier panel total 76"
  • Shoulder straps 9-10" at widest
  • Attached elastic strap to cinch body panel for facing outward
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