"The best thing about being a mom is the proud look in my daughter's eyes when she accomplishes something."

by 2 April 29, 2015

We’re excited to introduce you to one of our hometown ambassadors, Krupa Andrews. A first-time mama, she’s super enthusiastic to learn all she can and embraces the opportunity to introduce her daughter to all that Chicago has to offer. [caption id="attachment_789" align="aligncenter" width="300"]peek-a-boo from the pikkolo peek-a-boo from the pikkolo at the Art Institute[/caption] We were fortunate to meet-up with Krupa at MommyCon Chicago and are amazed by her love for babywearing. Krupa was born and raised in India, living in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai, before coming to the United States to attend college. She studied linguistics and TESOL (teaching English as a second language). Krupa says the best thing about being a mom “is the proud look in my daughter's eyes when she accomplishes something." Share in Krupa’s adventures by following us on Facebook and Instragram (@catbirdbaby). #catbirdbaby #cbbambassadors #babywearing #cbblove



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