SOR! *Support Our Retailers*

by 2 November 01, 2014

As holiday shopping starts to get underway, I thought it was a good time to remind everyone to shop smart, and not just with our brand, but with everything you buy! By shopping smart, I mean that you should take the time, whether you buy at a brick-and-mortar store or online, to reward the stores that offer you great service with your purchases. If you get great help with a smile from your local boutique, make sure to support them with your purchase instead of shopping around online for a slightly better deal. These stores are great community resources that we all love and we want them to be successful! Even if you are shopping online, you can still make sure that your purchase supports an authorized reseller of a particular product. There are lots of great independent e-commerce sellers providing excellent remote customer service by answering your questions in detail promptly and pleasantly. On sites that have a third-party marketplace, such as Amazon, make sure that you pay attention to who the actual seller is. We have authorized sellers on Amazon (and Amazon itself will soon be authorized to sell our products), but we unfortunately deal with the persistent problem that many brands deal with, which is unauthorized sellers popping up week after week. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of any product that is not purchased through an authorized seller and unfortunately we also cannot honor the warranty either. Current UNAUTHORIZED sellers known to us on Amazon at this time include: P Coast Partners Frugal Living Yippee! padma baby Be sure you make a smart choice with all your holiday shopping and make sure to check for and choose only authorized sellers! Thanks!



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