Mei Tai Love

by 2 September 17, 2014

by Cynthia Soliz, BWI of Austin
I Lurve a Mei Tai. MT5 And in my deep contemplative moments... I have tried to put my finger on exactly why. 54405973 The answer is simple. Mei Tais keep it simple. Elegant in it's simplicity, a mei tai is easy to use, clean, size, and wear. So, I took that simple answer and (like only a lawyer would be expected to do) complicated it tremendously with twelve subpoints. 54406009 Without further ado... The 12 Reasons to Love Mei Tais. 1. There are no buckles. Yep. I went there right out of the gate. Mei Tais keep it simple. Two ties and you are done. Without buckles, there is no need to loosen, tighten, adjust, and so on. Did you know that some buckle carriers have over 20 adjustments available? Just the thought of that has me all twitchy. 2. It fits anyone. Speaking of adjustments, there is no need to have separate carriers when you have more than one babywearer. Through it's simple design, the same Mei Tai will fit 5'2" Grandma, and 6' 2" Daddy. Does a size 4 wrap fit you the same as it does your partner? What is your base size if you are 5'5" but busty? Mei Tai doesn't care. 54406102 3. It can switch from front to back quickly and easily. Before I found BWI and drank the Kool-Aid, the way I used to change my worn baby from front to back included these steps: 1. Lay carrier flat on bed. 2. Lay baby on top of carrier flat on bed. 3. Lay parental back on top of baby (laying on top of carrier) while flat on bed. 4. Try not to squish baby. 5. Sing a song as to distract squashed baby and buckle quickly. 6. Now... rise. ***Please note that the "Cynthia" method for switching baby from front to back is not our standard recommendation. Here are lots of better ways to get your baby on your back.*** BUT... In a Mei Tai, you can do this: output_9WuVg7 And it is awesome. 4. You always know which part touched the parking lot floor and it's not the part that touches your baby. MT1 Germaphobes, rejoice! This is a big one for me. 5. It takes very little space. Pack-rats and hoarders, rejoice! #hoardallthecarriers 6. It's tried and tested. Mei Tais are the traditional Chinese baby carriers and have been in use for thousands of years. 7. It's washable. I have a little story for ya, babywearers. I borrowed a carrier and the friend that I borrowed the carrier from called me very apologetically a few days later, her son was sent home from school with lice. Lice in all my carriers?? I panicked. I thought of the easiest carrier I had to wash and dry, the simplicity of the Mei Tai won the day! Most of my other carriers have special laundering instructions, but my beloved Catbirdbaby Mei Tai could go in the washing machine and (very importantly) in the hot drier. I had to make sure all of my other wraps were washed, air dried, then IRONED before any lice or eggs would be guaranteed to be gone. Mei Tai was ready to go (for all that ironing) in the hour. YES! Also, whenever I tell that story, I get all itchy. Sorry, if you are having sympathy itch reading this. You are not alone and you also probably don't have lice. Stop scratching. 8. The Mei Tai offers lots of versatility. without having the learning curve that wraps do. 54419342 9. You can learn wrapping skills easily with a Mei Tai. You don't have to be a wrapping expert to use it, but you'll be more comfortable with wraps after getting some Mei Tai practice. 10. It's a pretty economical choice. The one we're wearing here (my personal Mei Tai) is from Catbirdbaby. We have three in the lending library and it continues to be a great option for us because they are so reasonably priced. 11. The Mei Tai will go anywhere. Mei Tai isn't scared of the baby covered in sand from the beach or the germs and bodily fluids of the hospital (TMI? perhaps). This no-fuss carrier means you can take it ANYWHERE. MT3MT6 12. And the MOST important reason to love a Mei Tai, it doesn't produce the dreaded muffin top. Note: We like to have free carriers and are willing to write blog posts for free carriers, but companies don't get editorial input. Also please note that I am not an educator and gifted carriers/carriers I write about don't affect educator recommendations. Catbird Baby suggested a post on the "simplicity of a Mei Tai." I doubt that this is what they were thinking they would get. I wrote this because I DO love this Mei Tai for lots of reasons.



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