"Grow, my little catbird."

by 2 March 17, 2014

"Grow, my little catbird." When you first become a parent you have this vision on how you will raise the baby, what they will eat, where they will sleep and possibly babywearing has crossed your mind. I wish I would have thought more about putting my first child in the catbird seat. Unfamiliar with the term "sitting in the catbird seat"? So was I, but once I became familiar with it I could see the connections to babywearing. Putting your baby in the carrier you immediately give them the advantage over children who are on the ground or in strollers. Now they can see at the same level as you, they are closer to you and they are connected with you. And they are visible and kissable at all times. With my first child I had moments of babywearing pass through my thoughts, but when he arrived at 9lbs 6oz I figured that he would start getting too heavy and uncomfortable for me in a carrier so I brushed it off. Well this time with my second child, who weighed even more at birth, I’m giving babywearing a go. The first two weeks of Kyler's life was mainly spent sleeping on my arms or resting on my chest. Every time someone asked if I wanted him moved I would just whisper ‘no’. There is nothing like the closeness of your child, being able to smell their hair, hear their breath is magical. I want to continue that bond we are establishing and I’m choosing to do that through babywearing. I am excited to see the difference if any between wearing my second. He is currently quite the vocalizer so hopefully this closeness will allow him to be more calm and in turn allow me to be calm as well. Have you ever tried or wanted to try babywearing?

My baby wearing experience is sponsored by Catbird Baby. I was provided two carriers in exchange for my opinions.



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