"The catbird perches himself on the highest branches."

by 2 March 04, 2014

Julia from A Little Bit of All of It
I was laying next to my sleeping baby boy today and, as I often do, I was thinking how perfect his little face was. Overflowing with love, I thought of all of the hopes and dreams I have for him just as all mothers have for their babies. We try so hard to give them the best of everything to the best of our ability. front carry in Georgia pikkolo When I first had my daughter almost 5 years ago, babywearing appealed to me purely from a practical standpoint. When I was pregnant, the idea of a big bulky stroller and the equally bulky bucket infant car seats did not appeal to me as a way to carry my child, yet I knew I wouldn't be able to always carry my baby in arms either. But what started out as a practical means to carry my child became so much more. Babywearing puts my baby right in the catbird seat. The term means "advantageous" or "an enviable position". The catbird (so named because of it's ability to mimic a cat's meow) perch themselves on the highest branches. This reminds me of the difference between being down low to the ground like a baby in a stroller or car seat is versus being up high while being held or worn in a baby carrier. Up high is where all the action is so my child can be part of what everyone else is. He can see all of the faces and watch, and I can show him the world. He truly is "sitting pretty," another definition of being in the catbird seat. The benefits of babywearing are many, and Catbird Baby has 2 perfect carriers for giving your baby that special edge. The bonding and cuddles are priceless for the wearer, too and the caregiver also reaps many benefits as well. I love that the Catbird Baby Pikkolo and Mei Tai can both be worn from newborn. I loved wearing my snuggly newborn! With both of these carriers there is no fussing with inserts which makes it is so wonderfully easy. Of course, only children, like my sweet 18 month old son, fit in them great as well. Win-win! Help your baby see the world from the awesome vantage point babywearing gives them and keep dreaming big dreams for them, too! Zoe mei tai carrier  



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