We want to win a Nimlok display wall. Who wouldn't?

by 2 January 16, 2014

Well, maybe you, because you don't need a 10 ft. lightweight fabric wall and where would you store it? BUT that's the beauty of it, it's COMPACT, so storage isn't an issue and you never know, someday you just may need a 10 ft. lightweight fabric wall. If you are an entrepreneur, though, you are probably salivating (like we are) at the prospect of winning a Nimlok 10ft Compact Image tension fabric display because you know how much trade show/marketing event displays cost. ("That'll be one arm and your leg, sir.") It's tempting to cheap out and not get a quality brand like Nimlok, because of the cost and on the internet nobody can hear you scream about the fact that this wall you have looked SO MUCH LIKE the more expensive one but now that you're setting it up and the cheap one keeps falling over YOU SO GET IT. We have a lot of consumer marketing events in addition to our annual trade show coming up this year. We have some gorgeous photographs of our baby carriers in action that we want to showcase and it seems a shame to put such beautiful moms, dads, and babies on cheap, flimsy display walls. So we are crossing our fingers and hoping we can put them on a made-in-the-USA, lifetime-warranted, wonderfully-lightweight Nimlok wall.  



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