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Catbird Baby has worked with many bloggers in the past to review our products and also host giveaways. We enjoy working with writers who focus on family and parenting issues, and of course those who take a special interest in babywearing.

We are excited to announce a new blog initiative called “The Catbird Seat.” If you’re not familiar with this expression, it means to be in an enviable or advantageous position. For your further curiosity, read about the origins of this phrase here.

We want to document your Catbird Baby babywearing journey, highlighting how Catbird Baby carriers adapt as your child grows, showcasing their longevity, versatility, and value through the first 2 years of your baby’s life.

Catbird Baby is accepting applications from bloggers who would like to participate in this project, through December 5, 2013. We would like to select 4-6 bloggers for participation and begin the project in January 2014.

The requirements are simple! •you have an existing blog that you maintain (if you do not currently have a blog you may still apply as long as you have samples of your writing that you can submit; email if this applies to you)

•you have a baby between the ages of 0-18 months, or you are currently pregnant with a due date before May 1, 2014

How does it work?

You will receive 1 pikkolo baby carrier and 1 mei tai baby carrier from us. We ask you to use them daily, or at least weekly. If you end up favoring one style over the other, no worries! We ask you to write a blog post about how the carrier is useful to your baby’s particular age/what’s going on in your life, according to the following baby age periods: 0-3 months, 4-7 months, 8-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months. Each post should be between 350-650 words; we can be flexible on length, a bit shorter (maybe you have a ton of great photos) or longer (you have something important/complicated to write about) can be ok. Each post MUST contain good photographs (3-4 at least). You will receive $25 for each post accepted.


Fine print: The carriers that Catbird Baby provides to you free of charge must be kept by you and not resold; if at any time you decide to stop blogging, or we ask that you stop, you will send the carriers back to us. We ask that you do not apply unless you can commit to participating for at least 3 posts (and for those whose child may be older to start, perhaps only 3 posts will make sense). Any photographs that you take for your blog posts will become the property of Catbird Baby Inc. for our promotional purposes. You also retain the right to use your photographs for your own blog and personal purposes as you see fit. Your posts will be published first on our blog and will be copyrighted by Catbird Baby; you may also publish the posts on your own blog after they have been published on the Catbird Baby blog, and please link to the cbb blog post in your post on your blog.



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