Celebrating International Babywearing Week!

by 2 October 04, 2010

Thanks to A.K. Chow for sharing her story here about what babywearing has meant to her: Babywearing has allowed me to have my cake and eat it too! My 8lb 3oz son was born via emergency C-section in September last year. Apart from the nurses at the hospital, I had no help at home with the little guy. As a result, I did everything myself from rocking and carrying the baby all night to hauling laundry. I ended up re-opening my C-section incision twice. Then I discovered babywearing and the wonderful world of thebabywearer.com forums. With babywearing, not only was I able to get everything done (including writing and defending my entire Ph.D thesis!), but I was able to cherish every moment and every cuddle with my baby. My baby just turned one, started daycare and I have a new job, but I still babywear everyday and I savor every moment.



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