How do you use carriers when baby has hip dysplasia?

by 2 June 23, 2010

For many parents whose babies have babies born with DDH, or developmental dysplasia of the hips, finding a carrier that they can use easily can be a challenge. That's because part of the treatment for DDH usually involves wearing special braces or casts that immobilize the legs and hips, and keep baby's legs in a fixed, spread position, which poses positioning problems in some carriers. Luckily, we've had great feedback on parents of babies with DDH finding great success in using our pikkolo carrier with their little ones! Kristy O'Connell, mom to Addie, recently wrote to one our great retailers, Jane at QuirkyBaby to tell her how well the pikkolo was working for her DDH baby. "I love it! She fits great in any of the different positions and it is a lifesaver for trips to the store and even chores around the house! I highly recommend it for anyone with a baby in a spica cast! Thanks so much for helping me find the right carrier and being so kind!" (We have agree that Jane, owner of QuirkyBaby, is awesome and really goes the extra mile to help her customers!) When I heard about Kristy's story, I was thrilled to know that the pikkolo works so well for her baby with DDH, especially because coincidentally I also had (congenital) DDH as a baby. I wore the very same types of braces and casts, and was even telling Kristy how my father built a special wagon to help tote me around the neighborhood! After spending nearly the first two years of my life wearing braces and casts to correct the problem, I have since grown up with really no problems associated with DDH. I walk a little pigeon-toed, but that's about it! While I can't say it was by design that I ended up starting a company making a carrier that works so well for DDH, it certainly is a happy coincidence. Kristy also has a blog where she shares information about DDH and some adorable pictures of little Addie. Visit it at to learn more or share with someone you know who wants to learn more about DDH.



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