Jeers (sadly, no cheers)

by 2 May 14, 2008

Lately it seems like every time I turn around someone is breaking my stuff, providing bad service, misleading me and apparently it's my fault. There's nothing I can do about it and really, I should have known better in the first place. When I moved into my office, the movers (who flitted around like Super Mario Bros. on crack, except for Turtle--who was the exact opposite, so slooow) broke my Juki (industrial sewing machine). They cracked the handwheel and take-up lever and it cost $188 to fix it. The whole damn machine cost me $350 secondhand, but in pristine 6-months-new condition; to buy a new one would cost $625. The moving company (E-Z MOVERS in Skokie) offered me $30 based on a valuation of $.30 per pound per article. You have to sign this statement agreeing to this limit of liability at the start of the move. It says "I was presented with the option to purchase additional insurance." I was not, and no, I didn't really pay attention to all this at the time. So, yeah, legally, I don't have a leg to stand on. But it is really frustrating that they broke the one item that I asked them to be careful with. They could have broken many other things and I wouldn't have cared so much. So, cross E-Z MOVERS in Skokie off my list of companies that are a pleasure to deal with. Next up, Yellow Freight. The preferred freight provider for Baby Celebration LA. Very nice when I first call to set up the pick-up of two pallets going to LA for this show. Not nearly as helpful when I call on the second day that no one has come to pick up the pallets and am informed that "pick-ups aren't guaranteed" and that now that two days have gone by, I will need to "upgrade to definite delivery" to ensure arrival on time. Then on the return, I get assessed a fee for not being there when they randomly show up to deliver. Um, I'm not a huge company with a shipping/receiving department; I told them to call my cell phone in advance of delivery. At least give me a day. So, basically, when they are picking up, nothing is guaranteed and you sit around waiting for them for 3 days. When they deliver to you, you better be there, or they will charge you extra money. And shovel attitude at you all day long when you bring up these facts. Lastly, UPS. If John the UPS driver would just come back from Belize (John, why did you quit??? Oh yeah, you're in Belize.) then all would be fine. But since John left, we haven't seen the same guy twice and usually we don't see anyone at all. Must be a ghost driver without the ability to hold solid matter in its hands, because he leaves the packages here for days on end. The beauty of daily pick-up is someone just comes and whisks away your package. And you pay for that beauty, so give me my money back. "Oh, we have to wait till blah blah blah, then call me back with the tracking blah, and we can submit a blah blah." Just refund my pick-up fee and upgrade my Ground packages that were supposed to go out Friday to overnight. 



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