New Digs

by 2 March 30, 2008

Here is a photo of the outside of our new office. We have a 1300 sq. ft. space on the second floor. It's in an area of Chicago called the Kinzie Industrial Corridor. I would show you a picture of the inside but it's still too crazy/messy to take photos. Must get it organized and pretty! As we're off to LA in less than two weeks for Baby Celebration I'm not sure how soon that will happen, but we'll see.

In other news, an update on our progress with various projects:
  • we have begun ordering materials for our largest-yet purchase order of pikkolo carriers
  • we selected 5 new prints for pikkolos, and will have 2-3 additional solid choices
  • we're looking for environmentally friendly fabric options for pikkolo, possibly organic, bamboo, or bamboo blends for a possible future line
  • we are planning on many new mei tai prints, most likely available in May-June
  • we've got the new pikkolo box in the works; art approved, box printing plate and die being made
and, of course, many more items on our ever-lengtening to-do list!



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