Pikkolo wearing tips

by 2 February 01, 2008

Based on some comments we've received, I wanted to post a few wearing tips to get the best fit from your pikkolo baby carrier. The waist webbing is meant to go around your natural waist, or even above. If you are used to wearing buckle carriers such as Ergo or Beco lower on your hips, you may be putting the pikkolo on too low. Wearing it above your natural waist will shorten the body and bring the baby higher, so it usually works best for small babies and babies who want to face out (to give them more room to see out). Otherwise, wearing at the natural waist is the intended position.

Also, make sure that your baby's bum is seated deeply into the carrier. If there is "pouching" or rumpled fabric in the area of the baby's bum, then take the straps down, make sure baby's legs are spread as wide as comfortable, smoothing fabric of carrier body out horizontally and bring out and up as you start to bring the shoulder straps up over your shoulders. You may even want to hold both shoulder straps and give a little bounce to get the baby in deeply.

For reference, you may see the photo below of our coming soon khaki carrier. You can see that this 12-month boy who is 30" tall has the carrier coming up to base of the neck. As always, if you have wearing questions, please feel free to contact CatBird Baby.



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