Made-for-Mei-Tai Moments

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Well, really, any kind of baby carrier would be a lifesaver in these situations, but since I make mei tais and thought Made-for-Mei-Tai Moments sounded snappy, I’m going with that. Feel free to add your own!

1. grocery shopping: hard to push a stroller and a grocery cart at the same time, for when baby is too little to sit up in the cart, no room for groceries after putting the infant car seat in the grocery cart
2. taking public transportation: my mom tells me that this is only for city parents. But I’m sure even those who live where there is no mass transit can either empathize or will be vacationing in a large city at some point, and there are two things that don’t mix well, and that’s strollers and stairs leading to dark, subterranean tunnels (or, leading up to elevated lines, with people jostling you as they go up and down).
3. vacuuming: my daughter still looks at the vacuum suspiciously even at nearly 3 years old, so the only way I kept my floors marginally clean was to sling her while vacuuming.
4. The quickie: not that kind, but the quick trip into a store (just running in to get milk, toilet paper, triple-shot large latte now please!) that is made three times as long if one has to get a stroller out of the trunk, set it up, get baby out, go in, navigate, return, and do the reverse.
5. Small store navigation: at neighborhood convenience stores and cute boutiques, we all know the aisles were definitely not made with gargantuan strollers in mind.
6. Third floor apartment and the living’s easy: If you are carrying a child in arms while going upstairs to your apartment, you are, by definition, not carrying grocery sacks, dry cleaning, bags of takeout food, or 10-gallon jugs of laundry detergent from Costco—well, at least not easily.
7. Househunting: It’s hellish enough looking at 6 houses in 2-and-a-half hours with child (or two, or three); why should your arms be killing you, too?



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March 10, 2016

8. Taking older kids to the park – with hands free to push kids on swings, or help them navigate the climbing equipment. And have two hands free to hold the walkers’ hands while crossing the street!9. Easy food prep (things that don’t involve sharp knives or heat) and eating.

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