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What is the difference between a mei tai and a pikkolo?

Which one is easier to use?

How is the pikkolo different than other SSC (soft structured carriers) that I have seen?

What makes your mei tai carrier different than other ones I've seen?

Do I need to use an infant insert?

What is the minimum and maximum weight for each carrier?

What are the dimensions of the pikkolo carrier?

What are the dimensions of the mei tai carrier? How long are the straps?

Why don't you have the same prints available for both carriers?

What size adult will fit the pikkolo or the mei tai?

How can I get a replacement buckle, chest strap, or detachable hood for my pikkolo carrier?

Does your winter carrier cover fit other brands of baby carrier?

Is there a warranty on your products?

Are your products washable?

Where are your products designed and made?

Do I have to use the toddler support belt for a bigger baby?

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What is your return or exchange policy?

How fast will my order ship?

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Help, sometimes my back hurts when I'm using the carrier!

What does "apron-style" mean?

Can I really fit a newborn in a mei tai?