using the pikkolo carrier with the babywearing support belt


The support belt is intended to be added once to your pikkolo carrier once your baby becomes heavier (20+ lbs.) and you start to do more back carrying. It will help transfer the weight of your child to your hips further. The first step is to remove the waist buckle from your carrier by carefully unthreading the webbing. It is easier to do this by leading with the corner of the webbing that is opposite the elastic loop.


Continue to unthread the waist webbing from the waist buckle.


Now the buckle is entirely free from the waist webbing and you are ready to apply the support belt.


Lay the belt out in front of you with the carrier just above it, with the carrier centered above the belt opening.


Take one side of the waist webbing and begin to thread it through the belt's interior side channel.


After you push as far into the channel as you can from the center, reach your fingers into the outside opening and pull the webbing the rest of the way through the channel.


Repeat on the other side, then place the bottom edge of the carrier body into the center belt opening, with the bottom carrier edge butting up against the middle horizontal row of stitching on the belt.


This is how the carrier body looks when placed inside the center belt opening, with the carrier warning label and the belt warning label facing each other.


Now you are ready to reapply the waist buckle. Orient it as in the photograph above.


Leading with the corner of the webbing opposite the elastic loop, rethread the waist buckle onto the webbing. Start from beneath the buckle, go up and over the center tension bar, then down and out the side.


Repeat this process on the other side.


View of the carrier and belt with the waist buckle reapplied.


Ready to put on, NON-APRON style, with the inside of the belt against your abdomen.